About Us

    Yangzhou Zhenzhong Testing Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company dedicated to the research and development, production, integration, sales and service of testing technology and related equipment in the fields of vibration, noise, strain, impact, mode, fault diagnosis, on-line monitoring, etc. It can provide customers with a complete set of system solutions consisting of sensors, data acquisition systems, signal processing and analysis software, professional engineering analysis software and professional services.
    ZT series vibration sensors and force sensors independently developed by Yangzhou Zhenzhong Testing Technology Co., Ltd. include low-frequency/ultra-low-frequency vibration sensors, excitation systems, data acquisition systems, wireless testing and data transmission systems, horizontal test bench, modal analysis software, sensor frequency response testing system, shaking table verification system, impact measurement control system and other products, which can be used for civil bridges. Customers in aerospace, energy and power, railway and highway, transportation, marine ships, machine tools, petroleum and petrochemical industries, education and scientific research, etc. provide excellent performance testing equipment and system solutions.
    The core members of the technical team of Yangzhou Zhenzhong Testing Technology Co., Ltd. have more than ten years'experience in measurement and system development in vibration, noise, strain, modal and other fields. Yangzhou Zhenzhong Testing Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on customer needs and aiming at solving users'engineering problems. Through specialized technical support and engineering consulting services, we can solve various engineering problems faced by customers in product development, performance improvement, test and test process, such as data acquisition, signal analysis, vibration and noise testing, modal analysis, on-line condition monitoring and mechanical fault diagnosis. Yangzhou Zhenzhong Testing Technology Co., Ltd. can also assist customers to provide professional customized solutions for the implementation of related projects and scientific research according to the special needs of users. Yangzhou Zhenzhong Testing Technology Co., Ltd. also undertakes on-site testing, technical training and other services commissioned by customers.
    We advocate the corporate culture of "innovation, honesty, diligence and cooperation". We strive to promote testing technology innovation and create real value for customers.
    We believe that high-quality products, perfect programs, dedicated service will win your trust and praise!
Vision Mission:
    Satisfy customer's test and measurement challenges, provide products, technologies and services beyond expectations, and achieve maximum customer satisfaction!
    We and our customers promote each other and make progress together
    We offer innovative solutions to our customers
    We build a lasting and good relationship with our customers
Quality policy:
    Yangzhou Zhenzhong Testing Technology Co., Ltd. makes every effort to continuously improve the quality of our employees, workflow, product quality and customer satisfaction!